EACO Corporation (EACO), incorporated on September 26, 1985, is a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiary, Bisco Industries, Inc. (Bisco), is engaged in the distribution of electronic components and fasteners. The divisions of the Company include Bisco industries, National-Precision and Fast-Cor. Bisco supplies parts used in the manufacture of products in a range of industries, including the aerospace, circuit board, communication, computer, fabrication, instrumentation, industrial equipment and marine industries. The Company operates in the United States and Canada.

Bisco Industries

Bisco sells products that it offers in many markets, but primarily sells to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Bisco’s products include electronic components, such as spacers and standoffs, card guides and ejectors, component holders and fuses, circuit board connectors, and cable components, as well as a large range of fasteners and hardware. Bisco also provides customized services and solutions for a range of production needs, including special packaging, bin stocking, kitting and assembly, bar coding, electronic requisitioning, and integrated supply programs, among others.


The National-Precision division sells electronic hardware and commercial fasteners to OEMs in the aerospace, fabrication and industrial equipment industries. National-Precision is the global distributor of mil-spec and commercial fasteners, hardware and distribution services used in production.


The Fast-Cor is a distributor’s source for a range of components and fasteners. Fast-Cor has access to the entire inventory of products that Bisco offers but focuses on selling to other distributors.